Every quarter the Friends of Broomfield Park hold an open meeting for members of the public, attended by the committee, representatives of Enfield Council and the Parks Police. If you have specific topics for the committee to consider please email the Secretary

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Archive of Meetings Minutes

Meetings Archive

Minutes of Open Meeting held on 11 May 2011

Written by: Henrietta Burton

Location: Ruth Winston House, Green Lanes, Palmers Green

Committee Attendees:
Nigel Thorogood
Laki Marangos
Derek Honnor
Henrietta Burton
Sue Younger
Tony Elliott
Elizabeth Dobbie

Zahir Anwar


1. FoBP Chairman's Welcome
2. Update from the Parks Police (PC Tom Dodwell)
3. Condition of the Park - main issues and responses from the Parks Team
4. Gardening Projects & Conservatory
5. Broomfield House - current state of play
6. Questions and Answers
7. Any other business

1. Chairman's Welcome

2. Parks Police Update

2.1 In the last quarter 12 crimes were reported in the park including a recent spate of robberies taking mobile phones from school children. Descriptions of 4 youths (between 16-18 years) riding bikes were seen to be carrying out these recent robberies. PC Dodwell requested to members of the public to call through with any sightings.
2.2 When a police 'swoop' was recently carried out in the park both drugs and weapons were found.

2.3 During April 3 cannabis warnings of possession were issued.

2.3 The funfair was seen as successful. Security and fencing were in place and also an entrance charge and a 'no dog' policy. No gangs attended this year.

2.4 Laki Marangos (LM) notes that Broomfield Park is never included in the local Safer Neighbourhood Newsletter despite playing a prominent role within the local community. PC Dodwell will liaise with Safer Neighbourhood.

2.5 Question: Is there any news on the plant robbery in the Sensory Garden? PC Dodwell states: None.

2.6 Question: Can police do anything to prevent people feeding the birds? PC Dodwell states: No, tickets are not issued.
E.D. notes that metal signage stating 'Do not Feed the Birds' has been unscrewed.

3. Condition of the Park Report

3.1 Nigel Thorogood (NT) outlines the 3 main issues highlighted to the council, regarded as the Friend's top priorities. These are:
1. Litter - disposal facilities are not sufficient for the Park, the litter is overflowing out of the bins.
Trevor Richards (TR) confirms that the council will provide trial wheelie bins over the summer period.
2. Theft of a large quantity of plants taken from the Sensory Garden .
3. Paths - regarded as high risk to personal injury.

This report was submitted 17/04/11 to the council and there still has not been a response from them. Although the report is set out and formatted to the council's requirements and despite positive feedback from them in the past; over the last 9 months any response has been distinctly lacking.

Philip Chard (PC) notes that recently a disabled friend had a bad fall along Broomfield Avenue. Apparently the council were helpful in assisting over the telephone the method of claiming back costs for this accident. PC points out that that money could have covered the cost of repairs to the path.

A member notes that the path running alongside Broomfield Lane is not suitable for children's buggies while the actually pavement is too narrow next to a busy road. Sue Younger (SY) states that when this path is wet the Walking Group stays on the pavement rather than risk injury.

A discussion ensued on costing and suitable material for re-surfacing these hazardous paths. Some suggest tarmac, others reject this material as an eye-soar in favour of gravel which is more in-keeping with green issues.
NT asks Trevor Richards (TR) to raise the issue with Cllr Bond.

TR confirms that more people have been employed on a Bank Holiday weekend to clear rubbish. TR also confirms that Broomfield Park will be getting new bins, replacing the current style of bin where the metal container sits in a wooden cradle. The new style prevents wildlife getting at the rubbish.

When asked by NT, TR confirms he will chase the council for a reponse to Condition Report.

4. Gardening Projects and Conservatory

4.1 Horticultural Projects

There will be upgrading and replanting work in the Sensory Garden following two tough winters. Overall there has been a positive response from the public.
The Dipali Garden planted 15 years ago is going to have a clear up. This weekend (14-15th May from 10am onwards) a working party will be planting in plants that are tough and bright, with autumnal berries etc.
The previous bulb planting groups have been a great success and well appreciated.
ED also acknowledges that Bob and other Enfield gardeners have worked very hard to get the herbaceous borders looking so good, particularly after the builders were rebuilding the historic walls last year.

4.2 Conservatory

ED outlines that the Conservatory was refurbished in 2010 and since then volunteers have been raising funds for new plants to fill this space, planting up and a watering rota is in action on a regular basis. There have also been special event including a Plant Swap to raise funds and the Conservatory will be Open to the public through out the summer on Wednesdays and Sundays between 2-4pm. These sessions need to be stewarded by volunteers. An introductory session is provided by ED to volunteers acting as stewards, the sessions includes security procedures and health and safety etc.
Please contact ED to volunteer as a steward, even 2 hrs per month would be much appreciated.
One activity in the Conservatory is this weekend, 14th May. "Potting for Families" which will be run by Monica, planting mainly citrus seeds for the fun and the benefit of children.

"Love Park " week is from 23-31 July and will include various activities throughout the park, check notice boards nearer the time.

Tony Elliot (TE) announces the submission of a Grassroot grant completed by committee members. Any money received will assist with expanding events as well as Conservatory plants and equipment etc.
5. Broomfield House

Laki Marangos updates on any news of the House. Following the consultations taken place in January LM has pushed for further information though received none. He has received no response following his request to see the consultation report. He has been informed by Green Issues, the consultancy firm who carried out the consultation that members of the public have issued a complaint to having 20 units built (rather than the initial 18 units).

Following an open floor discussion there is a general opinion that the council are stalling, holding back on providing details. For example, the council's weblink to this project has never been updated despite prompting. It is suggested and agreed that the council appear to only be pursuing the one option of building 20 units.

David March (DM) suggests that the FoBP set up a meeting with the leader of the council. LM agrees to write a letter to Doug Taylor, Leader of Enfield Council requesting a copy of the consultation,. If there is no response he will follow up with calls.

6. Questions & Answers

(An open discussion took place, see above section.)
6. Any Other Business

David March informs us of how the orchard is looking and what's been going-on. The orchard will be open during "Love Parks" week. Also they have been awarded grant money to introduce an observation hive in March 2012.

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