Every quarter the Friends of Broomfield Park hold an open meeting for members of the public, attended by the committee, representatives of Enfield Council and the Parks Police. If you have specific topics for the committee to consider please email the Secretary

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Archive of Meetings Minutes

Meetings Archive

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 11 May 2011

Written by: Henrietta Burton

Location: Ruth Winston House, Green Lanes, Palmers Green

Committee Attendees:
Nigel Thorogood - Chairman
Laki Marangos - Secretary
Henrietta Burton - Assistant Secretary
Derek Honnor - Treasurer
Sue Younger
Tony Elliott
Elizabeth Dobbie

Zahir Anwar

13 members attended


1. Chairman's Welcome
2. To approve the minutes of the previous AGM held on 22/04/2010
3. To approve the Committee's Annual Report
4. To approve the audited Accounts
5. Election of Officers and Committee
(currently standing names in brackets and seeking re-election)
a. Chair (Nigel Thorogood)
b. Honorary Secretary (Laki Marangos)
c. Honorary Assistant Secretary - (Henrietta Burton)
d. Honorary Treasurer (Zaire Anwar replacing Derek Honnor)
e. Projects (Elizabeth Dobbie)
f. Committee Members - (Sue Younger), (Tony Elliot)
*** Proposed new members ***
                Don Arthur
                Phillip Chard
                Annita Correia
We thank those that have served but are standing down from the Committee:
Derek Honnor, Jill VanDerKnaap, Carrie Scott, Geraldine Anwar

6. Election of an Honorary Auditor
7. Alterations to the Constitution proposed by the Committee:
"to consider and (if thought fit) approve amendments and additions to Rules 6.5, 7 and 8.2 of the Constitution of the FoBP, as shown in red (and by marginal markings) on the copy of the Constitution which accompanies this Agenda.
8. To amend the subscription levels in accordance with Rule 7
9. To consider any other business properly brought before the meeting.
Must have been submitted to the Secretary by 31st March at the latest

The AGM will be followed by the OPEN Public meeting.

1. Welcome

1.1 Nigel welcomed the members of Friends of Broomfield Park, and introduced the Committee members present.

2. Minutes of last year's AGM

2.1 This was approved.(already circulated to members together with the accounts and proposed constitution changes.).
3. Annual Report

3.1 The Chairman presented his annual report which had been distributed to the members together with the agenda and accounts. In summary, 2010 saw improvements in the condition of the park, particularly the repair and restoration of the historic walls completed. Also the on-going management and maintenance of the Conservatory brought this building to life supported by a committed group of volunteers.
3.2 Unfortunately there continues to be vandalism and theft of plants from the park, including an incident when a number of trees were vandalised and they had to be felled. Also a large number of plants were recently stolen from the Sensory Garden.
3.3 Broomfield House will continue to be big news this year, still awaiting confirmation that the GLA funding will be available and that the proposed scheme is agreed.
3.4 Thanks for support of members and volunteers to the park.
3.5 The report was approved by the members.

4. Audited Accounts

4.1 The statement of accounts (income and expenditure and balance sheet) was presented to the members by Derek Honnor (DH).

4.2 Net assets amounted to £2739 as at 31st March 2011.

4.3 DH closes by formally thanking Peter Pate who has audited the accounts since 2008 and who will not be continuing as auditor.

4.4 Elizabeth Dobbie (ED) formally thanks Derek Honnor for his contribution and support to the FoBP, Laki Marangos adds especially regarding his dedication to the Condition of the Park Reporting.

4.3 The Accounts were approved by the members.

5. Committee Nominations

5.1 The following resigned during the year
        Derek Honnor, Jill VanDerKnaap, Carrie Scott, Geraldine Anwar
Many thanks for their valuable contributions.

5.2 The following were willing to serve again and were duly elected
        Nigel Thorogood - Chairman
        Laki Marangos - Secretary
        Henrietta Burton - Assistant Secretary
        Zahir Anwar - Treasurer
        Elizabeth Dobbie - Projects
Sue Younger
Tony Elliott

5.3 The following were nominated, seconded and elected to the Committee:

        Don Arthur
        Phillip Chard
        Annita Correia.(election to be formalised at the next Committee meeting)

5.6 The total number of Committee members is now 9 (plus 1 provisionally) and 2 vacancies.

6. Election of an honorary auditor

6.1 Derek Honnor was nominated, seconded and elected by the meeting as Honorary Auditor.

7. Amendments to Constitution

7.1 Tony Elliot (TE) went through individual amendments as highlighted This was approved.
8. Amendment to Constitution - Membership fees

8.1 Proposal to amend the subscription rule, no.7 of the Constitution to have a larger subscription for a longer period of time; £5 for a 3 year period and £20 for life membership. This was approved with one objection from DH.

9. AOB
        No other matter raised. Meeting closed.

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