Every quarter the Friends of Broomfield Park hold an open meeting for members of the public, attended by the committee, representatives of Enfield Council and the Parks Police. If you have specific topics for the committee to consider please email the Secretary

Photograph of the Garden of Remembrance

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Minutes of Open Meeting held on 12 October 2011

Written 15/10/2011
Written by: Henrietta Burton

Location: Ruth Winston House, Green Lanes, Palmers Green

Nigel Thorogood
Laki Marangos
Zahir Anwar
Henrietta Burton
Sue Younger
Tony Elliott
Elizabeth Dobbie
Sarah Cotton
Philip Chard
Romy Batiste
Don Arthur

Apologies: Annita Correia


1.FoBP Chairman's Welcome
2.Update from the Parks Police
3.New Initiatives; Green Gym, “Palmers Greenery” cafe
4.Conservatory & Gardening Projects
5.Broomfield House – current state of play
6.Condition of the Park
7.Any Other Business

No crimes to report
1. Chairman’s Welcome – Nigel Thorogood (NT)

2. Parks Police Update - No Crimes

3. New Initiatives

”Green Gym” presented by T Elliott (TE) and L Marangos (LM) An application for the Residents’ Priority Funding was put together by FoBP. A variety of options were included ranging from £26 - £32k and submitted to the three Southgate Green Councillors. The feedback has been that this amount is too excessive for their budget when considering other projects that have also been submitted. The ward Councillors have suggested that FoBP should also approach the other two wards that surround the park to help make the project more feasible. FoBP have received a positive email from Cllr D Goddard (Palmers Green ward) stating he supports the project. No response has been received from Winchmore Hill ward. A contribution of £500 from the netball league to commemorate their 60th anniversary has been promised towards the project.

”Palmers Greenery” cafe proposal presented by S Cotton (SC) A ’top line’ proposal was outlined and this project is regarded as a work in progress whereby support and suggestions by all park users will be welcomed. Please email thepalmersgreenery@gmail.com
Tim Burn
Also refer to the link on the Friends of Broomfield Park website for the full outline of the proposal so far. Briefly, following an on-going historical demand for a cafe in the park the proposal is for a social enterprise business to be set up. With a business model where all profits are ’asset-locked’ - they would be re-invested back into the project and surrounding park. Two sites have been identified; the old aviary or the disused toilets by the games courts.

The positive central issues are that the kiosk style cafe would provide security operating as a central hub to the park with an aim of bringing the local community together. The ethos from the outset will include volunteers and affordable, healthy food along with other local initiatives.

Fundamentally this project’s intention is to support the notion that a community space is a demand to be fulfilled. When plans for Broomfield House are in motion it is to the benefit of the community that a community cafe, albeit kiosk, is operating and that this template can be easily transferred to larger premises in the House with great ease. SC appeals for memories of how the previous cafe in the House operated as they are a valued resource for this project, helping to form a desired business model. The potential momentum of this project will undoubtedly avoid any potential undermining of the case should there be any suggestion that there would no longer be a need for a proper cafe in the House.

This presentation was well received by those present.

4. Gardening Projects and Conservatory – presented by Elizabeth Dobbie (ED

To date, following a very busy summer of a large range of events, the work in the Conservatory has been going really well and can be considered a real success.

The successful grant application to Enfield Voluntary Action has paid for much of the infrastructure including chairs, shelving, an access ramp, some money for plants and events.

Winter Opening times will come into effect when the clocks change back at the end of October. The Conservatory will be open from 2-4pm instead of 2.30-4.30pm on the usual opening days.

A ‘Plant Swap’ day is organised for Sunday 23rd October. Even if you don’t have plants to swap you can come along and pick up some plants and just make a donation.

The boiler is currently being monitored with daily checks of min/max temperature readings to check it is in good working order. Any problems ED will report back to Trevor Richards (TR).

The Dipali Garden is looking a lot better following the work of voluntary gardening groups who have cleared and replanted in the area. ED notes that the bin and bench require some maintenance from the council as this area is heavily used. A re-cycling bin would have an impact as cans are constantly left to litter the area.

Bulb Planting has been organised for Sunday 16th October from 10am by the Aldermans Hill gate opposite Londis, followed by a second session at 2pm by the playground.

Zahir announces the good news that Barclays Bank have offered to donate a sum of £500 to the park for planting in the silver birch copse to help attract wildlife. The money will also go to buying some bird boxes for this central area (that runs along the side of the mini golf). Barclays would also like to provide volunteers for this project.

5. Broomfield House – presented by TE and LM

A meeting was held at the Civic Centre on the 6th October, hosted by Cllr Goddard and attended by Mike Brown (BH project Manager), Roger Blows (TBHT), Tony Elliott(FoBP) and Laki Marangos (FoBP) to clarify the present situation regarding funding for the restoration of the House.

An update can be found at the Broomfield House website http://www.broomfieldhouse.org.uk. Click on “Latest News” and then Item 2 for the current status and links to all relevant documents.

Enfield Council now use the ‘M3’ system for reviewing the condition of parks, the information gets posted on to their website and the council is required to respond within 10 working days.

The priority order for the works in Broomfield Park are:

1. Remembrance Garden paving stones
2. Rats
3. bin and bench in the Dipali Garden area
4. Condition of the lakes

TR (EBC) responds noting his awareness of the park’s priorities. They have pest control poisonous boxes to reduce the rat population. The council has looked into funding for clearing the lakes and the costs are approximately £50k. The interim alternative is for a grab lorry to be organised after leaf fall is at an end.

ED questions what are staffing levels expected to be like over the winter? TR notes that 2 agency staff are being withdrawn; also within his area he has had 3 staff retirements recently. ED has noted that Bob who works hard to make the borders and flower beds so attractive is spending part of his morning litter picking due to these cuts. ED also notes that although the public recognise the difficulties of council funding it must be noted that Broomfield Park has horticultural interest more than other Enfield parks. ED suggests if more people wrote to Neil Isaac at the council expressing this fact then this would likely be a great help to the upkeep and condition of the park.

7. Any other business

Request for commercial signage to be removed along the railings of the park by the council as soon as possible. It’s excessive, unsightly and often the plastic tags are not picked up.

In the Conservatory various plant collections are gradually building up including succulents, amaryllis and an orchid collection.

There will be a monthly free children’s art group held in the conservatory on the last Sunday of the month. Topics incorporate ideas from the surrounding nature of the park.

Cllr Bond has agreed to provide 2 signposts within the park, with directions to toilets. One will be by the playground and the other by the Coronation gates.

RSPB are expected to visit the park, setting up a stand for the day to help educate the public on bird food and the detrimental effect of scattering the wrong food type and how it attracts rats etc. TBC.