Every quarter the Friends of Broomfield Park hold an open meeting for members of the public, attended by the committee, representatives of Enfield Council and the Parks Police. If you have specific topics for the committee to consider please email the Secretary

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Minutes of Open Meeting held on 17 October 2012

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Date: 17/10/2012> Written: 26/10/2012
Written by: Henrietta Burton

Location: Ruth Winston House, Green Lanes, Palmers Green

Committee Attendees
Nigel Thorogood (Chair)
Laki Marangos
Henrietta Burton
Sue Younger
Don Arthur
Tony Elliott
Elizabeth Dobbie
Sarah Cotton
David March

Romy Baptiste
Phillip Chard
Zahir Anwar


1. FoBP Chairman's Welcome
2. Update from the Parks Police
3. Condition of the Park - main issues and responses from the Parks Team
4. Current Projects and Plans
5. Broomfield House & Stable Yard
6. Any Other Business

1. Chairman's Welcome

Welcome from the Chair (NT)

3. Update from Parks Team James Downing

i. Parks department re-organisation within LBE. Within Operations there will be Senior Charge Hands managing various grouped sites across the borough. Head of Operations manager is Doug Shipwright with a new assistant starting in November. Based at the Civic Centre is the Partnerships & Projects team headed by James Downing (JD), also the Contracts and Procurements Department headed by Quentin Wallace-Jones (QW-J).
ii. Ice cream van, legal issues disputing the lease, FoBP will be updated with further news when available. Also Health & Safety issue regarding oil leakage was discussed; JD would chase Neil Isaac to respond to an e-mail sent a month ago by Roger Blows?
iii. Rats, agreed that this situation is improving, in part due to stepping up on highlighting greater awareness with more signs. More effective rat killing methods seem to be working. JD agreed that further signs could be added in strategic places near to the ponds, permanent signs rather than laminated.
iv. It was brought to JD's attention that a cover along Alderman's Hill has not been placed back properly to expose sewer drainage. JD made a note of this to action for further investigation.
v. Litter bins. JD/DA agreed to consult with FoBP regarding the strategic placing of 10 further (new and improved) bins in the park rather than just replacing all existing ones as more bins are required in park. The promised recycling bin was now in place, next to the park entrance opposite "Londis".
vi. Parks Friends Newsletter, 1st issue has been sent out by email. JD highlights that LBE anticipate the newsletter will be an excellent way for Friends of various parks to share and relay information, also an excellent way to publicise for events. Any articles etc. should be forwarded to Karen Chang (KC). Also available is the Parks latest news on Enfield website, again useful for events publicity.
vii. The two park signboards (including a plan) had arrived, but needed to be lowered and (at the Coronation Gates entrance) repositioned. JD would ask Trevor Richards to liaise with FoBP on this.
viii. NT raises with JD the issue of structuring and methodology for procedures such as sign offs and the lack of proper consultation (using recent and on-going issues with the conservatory as an example). Tony Elliott (TE) said that he was negotiating with JD on the form of the Friends/LBE Partnership Agreement that would be launched shortly, and he had already drafted and submitted wording to deal with this.

2. Update from Parks Police - PCSO Tom Dodwell

i. Sgt Andy Rippington has retired from the force and is replaced by Jackie Penn.
ii. Police are aware of an aggressive dog owner often seen in the park, they are maintaining a close watch on this situation.
iii. Issue once again raised with the police that some of them still cruise the park in a police van.

4. Current Projects & Plans

Conservatory (ED)
i Elizabeth Dobbie (ED) reports back that this project is going extremely well with good plant sales and footfall particularly strong during the festival.
ii. On-going issue with white fly which is being monitored and carefully managed by the volunteers.
iii. Winter opening times will start from the end of October, so from 2.00 - 4.00pm.
iv. An invitation from ED for more volunteers to join the conservatory group, volunteers are always welcome however much time they have to offer.
v. Planning to buy and install ceiling mounted fans, circulating the air will help with pest control.
vi. ED confirms that for now the conservatory will continue to be fenced off with the temporary one erected for building works 3 years ago. Lack of Parks budget is the problem.
vii ED confirms plans for a smart new notice board.
viii. Following a meeting with a LBE architect they have agreed to draw up a formal maintenance plan including every 4 yrs painting the South and West facing exteriors and then every 8 yrs painting the North and East facades.

Gardening (ED)
i. Bulb planting Sunday, 21st October from 2pm near the entrance to the Orchard.
ii. Tidying and a gardening work-in in the Remembrance Garden arranged for 10.00-12.00 pm on Sunday, 4th November.
iii. ED appeal for a volunteer gardener to lead as a 'champion' on Sensory Garden and Dipali Garden to assist in liaising with parks staff.

Orchard (DM)
i. Apple Day - David March (DM) appeals for people to bring apples for the juicer for this event. There will also be an accordionist, country dancing and an apple and spoon race. There will also be wild flower seeds for sale.
ii. DM appeals for volunteers to assist with mulching trees and tidying borders.

Green Gym (LM)
Laki Marangos is keeping a watch on suppliers (Wicksteed) as so far 4 pieces of equipment have failed since installation. However the gym continues to be very popular despite occasional "interference" by youngsters.

The Palmers Greenery Café (SC)
i. Sarah Cotton (SC) confirms that invitation to tender was sent out by LBE and SC has submitted an expression of interest at the end of September. SC understands that The Greenery is not the only group to have submitted an interest.
ii. SC agrees with a suggestion for people to provide quotes of support, having the community strongly endorsing this project. SC suggests this can be done via email or Facebook, all participation welcome.
iii. SC also agrees that The Greenery should request a timetable including explicit dates from LBE leading to the decision as to whose tender wins Council's approval. Potentially the timescale could run into the deadline for the secured funding that the Greenery has been awarded from the Enfield Residents Priority Fund, which needs to be spent by end March 2013.

Amnesty Day Service (HB) - 11th November 2012 , commencing at 10.30am
This falls on a Sunday this year which will be a first for FoBP. Although Revd. P Jackson will be taking the service at Christchurch, Curate Hazell Miall will be conducting the service in the park.

Floating Lantern Event (HB)
Following last year's success this event will again take place. The date booked is Sunday, 30th December and it will follow the same format as last year. Further publicity and details will be obtainable nearer the time.

5. Broomfield House & Stable Yard (CY)

Historic Update:
20/07/12 Community Working Group & LBE submitted joint pre-application to HLF; positive response from HLF received on 25/07/12 advised splitting the bid to ease funding amount required. Focus primarily on a bid for the House and the Murals from the HLF with a second bid for the Stable Yard and Garden submitted to the Parks for People fund. The House bid will inevitably compete at the National level.

15/08/12 meeting at the Civic Centre with recently appointed Paul Walker (PW), Assistant Director, Regeneration, Leisure and Culture for Enfield. First positive liaison with the Council.

27/09/12 Community Working Group/ LBE joint meeting with HLF.

Meanwhile a great deal of work continues being put together for a successful bid. Public meetings so far include 24/06/12 and 06/09/12 in the park and 20/09/12 at the RW Centre.

Website in the process of being built.

Letters of Support from at least 9 local community groups.

Money: the bid will be for £6.7m, £4.175m requested from the HLF. LBE/GLA to provide £735k, shortfall for fund raising will therefore be £1.75m.

Round 1 application submitted to HLF 22/10/12, decision will be received in January 2013
Round 2 applications submitted approximately Dec 2013, decision from HLF March 2014
Tender Dec 2014
Contract appointed March 2015
Start on Site April 2015
Practical Completion Oct 2016
Re-Opening Nov 2016

General comments include; physical circumstances 5 years too late and that this has been 'a fundamental seismic U turn' on behalf of the council. Also suggestions for realistic funding sources Landfill, Sainsbury Trust, Crowd sourcing, volunteers = match funding.

Suggestion as to whether LBE would assist with preparation for Parks for People project by providing a licence to facilitate a garden project to help strengthen bid in August 2013. PW to take this question to the council. Agreed that a vegetable garden in the Stable Yard space would be an excellent way to engage with the community.

MP David Burrowes (DB) highlights that majority of fund raising will be raised by the community therefore suggests more should be contributed by LBE (esp. whilst in process of selling off community assets).