Every quarter the Friends of Broomfield Park hold an open meeting for members of the public, attended by the committee, representatives of Enfield Council and the Parks Police. If you have specific topics for the committee to consider please email the Secretary

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Minutes of Open Meeting held on 20 February 2013

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Written on: 27/02/13
Location: Ruth Winston Centre, Green Lanes, Palmers Green
Written by: Laki Marangos

Committee Attendees
Nigel Thorogood (Chair)
Laki Marangos (Secretary)
Zahir Anwar (Treasurer)
Sue Younger
Don Arthur
Tony Elliott
Elizabeth Dobbie
Sarah Cotton
Ivor Evans
Apologies: Romy Baptiste, Henrietta Burton, Phillip Chard, David March, Basil Clarke

1. Chairman's Welcome

Nigel welcomed all and introduced the committee members present. Karen Chang represented the Parks department. Apologies received from James Downing, Trevor Richards and Alex Farris the new Senior Parks Manager.

It was suggested that the next meeting should start at 7 to avoid overrun and more expense.

2. Update from the Parks Police

Tom Dodwell represented the Parks Police. The most serious incident had been when a lady was pushed into the lake by someone who subsequently was found to be mentally impaired. Tom reported the following incidents had been recorded:

  • 2 cannabis arrests
  • "minor" robberies, eg theft of mobile phones
  • Some dog intimidating activities

3. Condition of the Park

  • Rats have re-appeared. Re-baiting required. Action: Karen Chang(TE advising) to create suitable notices about bird feeding. Karen to install at appropriate locations.
  • Path repairs. Council agreed to repair the path to the west of the bottom lake.
  • Repairs to the tennis courts fencing. Action: Maria NLNL in contact with Council
  • Drainage problem causing surface issues to the tennis/netball courts. Action: LM/DA to chase LBE (Quentin) for clarification on the proposed solution. No date has been given by LBE for the drainage solution.
  • LBE/Parks management have proposed a "Partnership Agreement" with the Friends of Parks. After many iterations and with considerable effort from Tony Elliott, we have a version that FoBP is happy to sign to cover Broomfield Park. This should link up with the park management plan. DH was concerned that LBE have reduced the parks budget considerably so doubts arise about LBE fulfilling their part of the agreement. The document was signed by the Chairman and handed to Karen Chang.

4. Projects

  • Conservatory.
    • All plants growing well, but one of several banana plants getting too tall and will need replacing.
    • The Conservatory opening hours will revert to 2.30 - 4.30 at the end of March.
    • New volunteers needed. Informal working training to be given 16 March.
    • Colin Younger has been in touch with the Council's Architectural Services to request funding for the temporary fence replacement and repairs to the top windows winding mechanism.
  • Planting projects
    • Mark Shenker has volunteered to be lead champion for the ongoing care of the Dipali garden.
    • June Dawes and Joy Foo have volunteered to lead the tidy-up of the sensory garden.
    • Many thanks to the above but additional helper volunteers will be required.
    • Some snowdrops have appeared albeit not where they were planted!!
  • Orchard
    • The Wassailing event was successful and raised £190.
    • Of the two hives one unfortunately did not survive the winter. The other is thriving and maybe split in two to provide a second hive.
    • More than 300 whips have been planted around the Powys Lane/Aldermans Hill edge of the park. Some oak saplings were rescued from Forty Hall's meadow which have also been planted. Well done to Ivor, Tony, Zahir, Louise, Elizabeth and others under the gentle but effective leadership of David March.
  • Green Gym
    • Awaiting the return of the repaired Surfer. The supplier have offered the temporary Agility bench as compensation for the lengthy repair period. Action: Laki to chase Barry Smart, LBE.
    • Palmers Greenery cafe
    • Sarah gave an update but still waiting for a date to present to the evaluation panel. Delay apparently due to legal department's processes as this scenario is first of a kind for the Council. The Greenery team have a project plan ready to go when the permission/licence is granted. Hope to be operational by the time the Palmers Green Festival arrives in September.
  • New projects - suggestions:
    • Vegetable Garden - Unlikely to get permission to use the Stable Yard. An alternative location between the Orchard and Netball court is being considered (LBE likely to be in favour) and will be staked out on Saturday to see how it would look. Action: Ivor/David/Elizabeth
    • Ladybird Children's Maze. Suggested by Romy Batiste with funding from the 2012 Palmers Green Festival. Subject to further consideration for space and maintenance. Action: FoBP Committee
    • Re-instate the old cycling track. Suggested by Derek Honnor. Beware of flooding areas. Action: Derek Honnor/Laki to discuss
    • Giant Chess or Chess tables
    • Outdoor Table Tennis Table. Likely to cost £2,300 plus a base. Likely location next to the Greenery.
    • Re-instate the Athletics Track. Need to find sponsors eg Athletics Clubs and Schools who will support such a project.
    • What to do with the Bowling Club and Lawn. The Southgate Bowling Club will cease to exist from May. The Council have instigated a feasibility study and consultation with the FoBP and NLNL expected. Maria representing the NLNL, mentioned that the NLNL have some ideas to improve the courts, add floodlights and make the clubhouse facilities more acceptable to the netball players. Sarah, on behalf of the FoBP suggested use of the lawn for family bowls and Croquet so a combined tender would probably be well received by LBE who are keen to find a new tenant.
    • The above ideas have triggered a suggestion that we should create a "strategy" document for Broomfield House. The aim is for awareness by the various groups about proposed projects so they do not compete ineffectively for funds and Council attention and support. Representatives from existing Park groups and adjacent Residents Associations should be contacted. Action: Laki
    • Cllr Bambos Charalambous mentioned that there maybe some funding left from this year's Residents Priority Fund (RPF) which will be rolled over so applications in April are likely to be well timed. Next year's RPF will be reduced by a third. LBE are keen to address the issue of child obesity which has put LBE in the top spot!
    • Water testing. Sue Younger has taken up Thames21 offer to participate in testing exercises for phosphates, nitrates and PH levels, twice monthly. Looking forward to finding out if we can swim in the lakes!
  • Love Parks week 27/7 to 4/8 - NB National Playday is on 7th August
    • FoBP to provide some family activities.

5. Broomfield House

  • The letter from the HLF was read out by Laki. The main reasons for rejection are that in a competitive climate for funds, our application was not regarded as good value for money as some others. The HLF were also concerned about long term sustainability
  • Although they rejected our Round 1 application, the door is open for further discussion with the Council and the Working Group (made up of members of FoBP and Trustees of the Broomfield House Trust).
  • The meeting voted overwhelmingly to continue the effort to restore the House and Stable Yard/Water Garden. We will be seeking meetings with the Council and HLF asap.

6. Questions and Answers

  • Covered above.

7. Any other business

  • Next Open meeting and AGM - Wednesday 8th May 2013
  • David Abrahams announced a Photo competition. Up to 3 entries per person by 31st March submitted by email to the webmaster (Basil Clarke). Top 6 displayed at the Conservatory and on the website. Winner to be voted by the public. Check the website for more information www.friendsofbroomfieldpark.org
  • Grovelands Park will be celebrating their 100 years on the 18th and 19th May 2013.