Every quarter the Friends of Broomfield Park hold an open meeting for members of the public, attended by the committee, representatives of Enfield Council and the Parks Police. If you have specific topics for the committee to consider please email the Secretary

Photograph of the Garden of Remembrance

Archive of Meetings Minutes

Meetings Archive

Minutes of Open Meeting held on 8 October 2013

Location: Ruth Winston Centre, Green Lanes, Palmers Green
Written by: Henrietta Burton

Committee Attendees
Nigel Thorogood (Chair)
Don Arthur
Tony Elliott
Elizabeth Dobbie
Sarah Cotton
David March
Basil Clarke
Ivor Evans
Sue Younger
Zahir Anwar

1. Chairman's Welcome

Welcome from the Chair

2. Update from the Parks Police

  1. 3 crimes reported included two robberies and a domestic disturbance.
  2. 2 incidences reported by attendees include inappropriate and threatening behaviour, also poor handling by dog owner of an aggressive animal.
  3. Suggestion from attendees that police increase patrol around the Memorial Garden after school close from approximately 4pm during weekdays. Request noted by police.

3. Condition of the Park

  1. Following meeting with LBE still various issues outstanding;
    • logs remaining in the Boating pond.
    • plant growth on top of heritage wall near Powys Lane.Comment from LBE: still need agreement with architectural services on how to go about removing weeds.
    • Exposed pipe - a trip hazard which was sprayed yellow and then not dealt with effectively by LBE. LBE note that this needs rectifying immediately as it is a serious Health & Safety issue.
    • Attendee noted there is a large hole centrally placed in large top field.
  2. Request to LBE to replace basketball court panel which separates court from Dipali Garden.
  3. David March (DM) states that the whips that had been planted with care by volunteers last winter are regularly becoming severely damaged by LBE during grass cutting. This had been an agreed and considered planting program. There is a further planting program timetabled for this November. Agreed that better engagement between LBE & volunteers should secure young plants. Larger stakes required also to provide young plants with greater support.
  4. Lily pond in the Remembrance Garden has a leak. Bob the Gardener constantly having to refill to maintain the correct water level. Volunteers propose to assist preparing the pond in readiness for repair before Remembrance Service inc. pulling weeds and housing water plants. Agreed with Alex from LBE to carry out this work at 10am on 17th October.
  5. Agreed that pest control tackling the rat issue more effectively.

4. Current Projects and Plans

PG Festival (DM)

  1. Festival regarded a success. Recommendation that more volunteers next time will certainly help the success of this event.
  2. Festival organisers expected to talk at the FoBP Open meeting in 2014 to discuss requirements / opportunities for helping out.

Conservatory (TE)

  1. Enfield in Bloom Awards: one award for Special Horticultural Interest & a second acknowledging the volume of volunteers involved.
  2. Further invitation from TE for volunteers to get involved via the FoBP website.
  3. Plenty of special openings throughout the summer particularly focusing around Love Park week. The results for which were seen as very successful. During the festival there were 1,000 visitors. There have also been school visits and children's activities.
  4. £4,000 grant has been approved. This has allowed the group to buy a new notice board, storage shed, benches outside the front of the conservatory, 2 fans and recycle bins. Special thanks to Derek Spencer with his help in seeing this through to a successful conclusion.
  5. To come: an educational children's activity for the Wednesday during half term.
  6. Gardening groups have also been hugely successful in the Dipali and Sensory Gardens. Working Group planned for Sunday, 10th November.

Gardening (TE)

  1. Gardening groups have also been hugely successful in the Dipali and Sensory Gardens. Working Group planned for Sunday, 10th November to prepare for Service the next day - all are welcome.
  2. (DM) Grant received from Woodland Trust for native hedgerow. Planting will take place in mid November and will include fruiting plants such as damson & elderberry. The planting will be in the top N.W. corner.

Palmers Greenery Cafe (SC)

  1. Planning documents submitted to LBE.
  2. Monthly meetings continue with LBE.
  3. Time frame from LBE: anticipating a spring 2014 opening.
  4. 2 successful pop ups during Love Park week, thanks to volunteers for their help and support.
  5. Fortnightly pop-ups agreed with Netball League. Received licence to trade starting from 19th October. This is being regarded as a useful stepping stone.

Orchard (DM)

  1. Apple Day 20/10/13 - David March (DM) appeals for people to bring apples for the juicer for this event. There will be an accordionist, dancing and an apple and spoon race. There will also be wild flower seeds for sale.
  2. DM appeals for volunteers to assist with mulching trees and tidying borders.
  3. Orchard received reward from Enfield in Bloom for Innovative Space.

Bandstand (DM)

  1. Licensed bar raised £240 for FoBP.

Broomfield House (CY)

  1. Following review of HLF response to joint bid, decision of the Trust is to retain rebuilding proposal and seek professional advice from fund raiser, Marilyn Scott on whether possible to achieve substantial financial support from "high net worth individuals" and charitable sources. If considered unrealistic then will undertake a fundamental reappraisal of approach moving forward. Meeting arranged for 25/10/13.
  2. DM & CY met with D Burrowes MP (DB) in September. DB contacted HLF to discuss their decision to decline bid application. CY outlines frustration of Working Group in dealing with HLF through their formal process and expresses concerns of anticipating similar potential outcomes. There is hope that DB will act as an informal intermediary with HLF.
  3. Main criticism from HLF regarding the submitted bid was that there appears no master plan for the House and stableyard even though HLF initially advised the group to focus primarily on the House which the group did as well as also including later plans for other aspects; stable area and water gardens etc. Moving forward further bid will include strategic plan for whole park. The "strategy" paper produced by Laki Marangos listing different interest groups' projects would be an input to this and examples of plans produced for other Parks in Enfield and across London would be of assistance as guides.
  4. 29/10/13 meeting re: management plan - to list short (1 to2 years), medium (2 to 4 years) and long term (over 5 years). Attendees; Tony Elliot, Ivor Evans, David March and James Downing.

5. AOB

  1. LBE taking care across all Enfield parks ensuring travellers are not able to settle in these public places.