Every quarter the Friends of Broomfield Park hold an open meeting for members of the public, attended by the committee, representatives of Enfield Council and the Parks Police. If you have specific topics for the committee to consider please email the Secretary

Photograph of the Garden of Remembrance

Archive of Meetings Minutes

Meetings Archive

Minutes of Open Meeting held on 7th May 2014

Location:  Ruth Winston Centre, Green Lanes, Palmers Green
Committee present:
Nigel Thorogood (NT)
Ivor Evans (IE)
Sue Younger (SY)
Sarah Cotton (SC)
David March (DM)
Don Arthur (DA)
Tony Elliot (TE)
Zahir Anwar (ZA)
Sue Cook (SCK)
Chris Kaufman (CK)
Also present
Elizabeth Dobbie (ED)
Basil Clarke (BC)

1.  Chairman's Welcome

Nigel opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. He informed the meeting that the committee had elected two new members - Sue Cook and Chris Kaufman.

2.  Update from Parks Police

Over the previous three months there were 2 reported crimes in the park.

The meeting was informed that:

o   the police are planning a plain clothes operation to tackle unlawful sexual behaviour in the toilets

o  the dog education officer patrols regularly with the police

Members of the meeting expressed concerns over litter dropping, particularly in the aftermath of the recent funfair.

James Downing (JD) explained the role of the LA and the avenues which can be pursued for help with such problems.

3.  Remembrance Garden and WW1 Centenary

SY informed the meeting of her letter concerning the Remembrance Garden which has been published in the local newspaper. Councillor Bond has since visited the garden and seen the problems. Most urgent is the removal of the ivy on the memorial roof. Also of immediate concern is the arch over the entrance to the garden. This too is being damaged by ivy. Property Services has been informed.

A bid has been made to the Residents Priority Fund for two items: a 3 arm signpost indicating the memorial garden, the conservatory and the toilets and also an Interpretation Board for the memorial garden. The Bird Information Board is still to be designed and produced - the £1000 grant from the Council is held in the account.

An application is being made to the War Memorial Trust for the restoration of the urn and the fountain. Karen Chang is helping with the bid which has to be made by the end of June. There are no costings at present for repairing the fountain but it is noted that fountains are very expensive to run.

Waitrose is supporting the Remembrance Garden as one of its charities this month.

4.  Photo Competition

David Abrahams reported that there were 85 entries and the winner for the second year is Steve Harrison with his photograph 'Winter Roost'. As part of his prize it was suggested that Steve could be asked to judge the entries next year.

DM and BC were thanked for their work on the competition.

5.  Broomfield Park Priority Action Plan

TE reported on the Friends activity hours - 2175 hours and counting. Should enable park to gain gold status. Announcement expected shortly. Success will involve FoBP to enter into full management plan for the park in partnership with council.

Short term plans will be:

  • lakes cleaning
  • Stableyard - development of market garden
  • conservatory
  • Remembrance garden
  • sustainable planting in flowerbeds
  • Bowling Green and Clubhouse
  • Wildflower meadow
  • Native hedging

Quality of mowing, clarification of mobile gangs' roles and finance all raised and discussed.

6.  Condition of Park- reporting on LBE website

JD outlined ease of reporting actions on LBE website. 10 day action turn round.

7.  Greenery Cafe

SC gave update. Will be opening in early June, 3x weekly - Wed Sat Sun

Utensils etc will be biodegradable.

8.  Bowls Pavilion and Green

FoBP getting licence until Sept 2015 for community activities in partnership with Elite Youth Development..

Target audiences - under 5s and Over 50s.

Sessions will operate on pay and play basis.

Surplus revenue will be re-invested back into park.

9.  Love Parks Week

26 July - 3 August

Final details to be discussed at next committee meeting.

10.  Orchard and Stableyard

DM reported on success of orchard. Everything growing well.

Bee hives doing well. NB one hive has aggressive bees!

Stableyard - unofficial bed has been established.

Call for volunteers made.

11.  Conservatory

ED presented a report to the FoBP

Visitors between April 2013 and March 2014 -6124, of which 1793 were children.

Monies raised through donations and fund raising - £2027.75

Upcoming events:

Tomato, chillies, tomarillo day          Sunday 18 May

Palmers Green Art Trail (bookbinding workshop)    Saturday 7 June

Arnos Park Lodge Open Garden          Sunday 15 June

Suitability and feasibility of installing permanent railings, removed from the Triangle, around the Conservatory was discussed briefly.

Urgent maintenance requirements were outlined.

12.  Broomfield House

Colin Younger reported back on salvaged Lanscroop friezes and staircase from 1984 fire.

Meeting with English Heritage and Enfield's Fundraiser to discuss way forward.

13.  Any Other Business

IE reported that the wild flower meadow is ready to be planted.

Cycling in the park - call for signage discussed and whether there is a need for cycle paths in the park. In the short term the Parks police will be asked to monitor the usage.

Matter to be future agenda item.

Meeting closed at 9.15pm