Every quarter the Friends of Broomfield Park hold an open meeting for members of the public, attended by the committee, representatives of Enfield Council and the Parks Police. If you have specific topics for the committee to consider please email the Secretary

Photograph of the Garden of Remembrance

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Minutes of the Open Meeting of the Friends of Broomfield Park held on 9 February 2015

Attendance: 28
Apologies received: Nigel Thorogood and Zahir Anwar (committee members)
Cllr Bambos Charalambous


Tony Elliott, committee member, opened and chaired the meeting.

Parks Police

PCSO Jenna Wigzell gave us the following statistics for Broomfield Park from 1.10.2014 to 9.02.2015:

  • Stop and Account for presence- 120 of which three led to detections
  • Crime In (information received) 9
  • Drink, verbal warnings 6
  • CAD (999 calls) 12

Jenna answered questions and was able to clarify the different categories for the meeting.

Floating Lanterns Event 8 February 2015 - Tony Elliott

This was a very successful and enjoyable event. The weather was lovely and, in addition to the floating lanterns event which raised £132 for the Friends of BP funds, members of the committee took the opportunity to update interested visitors on the latest developments in the park and the progress being made by the Broomfield House Trust committee.

Remembrance Garden Restoration - Sue Younger

  1. A resume of progress to date was given by committee member Sue Younger. There are five areas of work needed:
  2. World War 1 Memorial Temple - urgent repairs are needed to the roof as the slates have loosened (because of weathering and ivy growth) allowing water to get in and damage the decorative oak ceiling and inner stone walls which contain the granite tablets.
  3. Memorial Cairn - some of the individual stones, up to twenty, are broken as a result of the weathering and need to be repaired or in a few cases replaced.
  4. Paved area in front of memorial - The York stone paving slabs and steps down to the pond are uneven and a hazard and have been poorly patched over the years. The broken slabs need replacing and the whole area needs to be re-laid with the correct type of cement.
  5. The pond and fountain - the fountain no longer exists and the plinth is damaged and both need to be rebuilt according to the original design. The flagstones around the edge of the pond are in reasonable condition but need to be re-cemented to match the paved area above.
  6. Handrails for disabled access - access to the War Memorial is along a path under a pergola with steps which are difficult for disabled people. Two handrails are needed to improve access and it is proposed to use wood that matches the original pergola.

War Memorial Trust Application - Sue Younger

Permission to go ahead with the full application to the War Memorial Trust was gained on 1st March last year when the Friends heard that the pre-application had been successful. Almost a year has gone by and we now need to resubmit the full application because deadlines were missed and the concern is that the next deadline of 31st March will also be missed. Enfield has asked 4 companies of architects to tender and are waiting for responses. In order to proceed, the application must have a conservation accredited architect to oversee the project as this is a requirement for all applications for more than £20,000.

The Council has published an attractive booklet entitled "A Day to Remember" which features the commemoration service that took place in Broomfield Park's Remembrance Garden on 4th August. It can be seen in the Local Studies and Archive centre and probably in libraries. It is planned to forward a copy to the War Memorial Trust as part of the Friends' 'evidence' of current use and support for the war memorial and for its listing on the English Heritage register.

Greenery Cafe - Sarah Cotton

The decision to remain open through the winter has been welcomed. Numbers are down in inclement weather but those who venture into the park are delighted to be able to purchase a hot drink. The cafe has had a positive impact and is becoming a social hub in the park.
Representatives of the Greenery team are to meet with the council to discuss the investment of profits. It has always been part of the business plan that, in lieu of rent, profits are ring fenced for further provision in the park.

Conservatory - Elizabeth Dobbie

The Conservatory is open as usual on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons. It is looking especially attractive following its repaint. The plan to refurbish and re-site the railings which were removed from around the former toilets at the Palmers Green Triangle is almost complete. A grant of £5000 towards the cost has been received from the Enfield Society; a bid has also been made to the Enfield Residents' Priority Fund, Palmers Green Ward. Together with monies raised by the Conservatory committee of volunteers (more than 30), there is great optimism that the railings will soon replace the existing builders security fencing.
A full programme of events has been planned for 2015, starting with a spring plant swop and sale at the end of the easter holidays.

Broomfield House - Colin Younger

Colin outlined the progress being made on rebuilding Broomfield House for the Community.

Finding the substantial investment required to restore Broomfield House in the current economic climate is not an easy task. In 2013 , a joint bid for £4m was submitted by LB of Enfield and the Broomfield House working party. This application was unsuccessful.

The group has sought advice from English Heritage and Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and much more work has to be done before next applying for funding.

A condition survey of the House, stableyard and the Lanscroon murals has been carried out with positive results.

A Partnership Board, chaired by Cllr Bambos Charalambous, has been established and includes English Heritage, Fof BP, Broomfield House Trust, Conservation Advisory Group, FERAA, BHORA, Enterprise Enfield, Chamber of Commerce and Love Your Doorstep
Donald Insall Associates have been appointed to lead the next stages

A Conservation Management Plan for the whole park is underway and is to be ready in 3 months time. This will lead to a 10 year costed action plan. The Board has to spell out a long term business plan before applying for a grant for the House under the new Enterprise Grant scheme as advised by HLF.

An options Appraisal will follow concentrating on the House and stableyard.

If all this work is successful, it is anticipated that the UK Heritage Lottery Fund would cover a large portion of the costs necessary to restore the House for community use.

In addition to the Heritage Lottery Fund application for Broomfield House, the Council and Community groups also intend to prepare a proposal to the Parks for People Lottery Fund at a later date to revitalise the Stable Yard and restore the historic and rare Baroque Water Gardens.

For more detailed information, visit www.broomfieldhouse.org

Bowling Green -Sarah Cotton

The FofBP have a temporary licence until September 2015 and, as per last summer, Elite Sport will run activity sessions during the holidays for young children.
FofBP are aware that Enfield is putting out to tender some of its amenities in other parks. We need to present a business case to Enfield for all-year round use of the premises in order to retain them for community use. This is currently being looked into by members of the committee.

Orchard, Community Growing Space and Wildlife Pond - David March and Ivor Evans

David March reported on the continuing success of the Orchard and he went on to present outline plans to establish a community growing space and wildlife pond between the tennis courts and the orchard.

The volunteers involved in the proposal have applied for £5000 funding from the Residents Priority Fund, Southgate Green Ward as a contribution towards the cost of the pond and the planting around it. During the autumn 2014, David, Ivor and Zahir attended a "Enfield Growing Leaders" course over several weeks; arising from this, they are eligible for £2k towards creating the growing space. The netballers, who are frequent users in the park and always very supportive of initiatives, have pledged £500.

There is a need for more volunteers with a range of skills from fund-raising, designing to digging and planting.

For more information, email growingspace@friendsofbroomfieldpark.org

Park Locking - Tony Elliott

The Council decision on whether or not to leave unlocked the pedestrian gates in all Enfield parks has been deferred until April.

|Cllr Bond and Assistant Director Nicky Fiedler visited Broomfield Park on January 7th. They were shown around and were told of our concerns for the park assets if gates remain permanently open.


The Friends of Broomfield Park have been awarded Gold status for volunteering work on numerous occasions. This gives us a voice on the Council's Management Action Plan for the park.

It is hoped that Broomfield Park will be awarded Green Flag status next year.

Photographic Competition - David Abrahams

Following the success of previous competitions, it has been decided to hold another photographic competition for keen amateurs. This year the competition runs until 21 August and has a new category for under 16s. Further details will be given via the website and noticeboards. The best 10 entries will be exhibited in the Conservatory and members of the public will vote for the winning entries in both categories.

Summer music in the park - Karl Brown

This year will see the launch of the 'Proms in the Park'. This is an addition to previous years' August programmes.

It is planned that the park will host music on 10 Sundays throughout July and August, culminating in the Palmers Green Festival in September. Music will be diverse, from brass band to opera via blues, rock and jazz.

Any Other Business

Cycle Enfield - the meeting was reminded of the Cycle Enfield exhibition and presentation coming to the Fox, Green Lanes N13 on Wednesday 11 February. This is an opportunity for everyone to have a voice on the scheme.

A question about the cycle path in the park was referred to the committee for the next meeting.

Date of the next meeting

The AGM is on Monday 18 May, 7.30 at Ruth Winston House, Green Lanes N13.