Every quarter the Friends of Broomfield Park hold an open meeting for members of the public, attended by the committee, representatives of Enfield Council and the Parks Police.

If you have specific topics for the committee to consider please email the Secretary

Photograph of the Garden of Remembrance

Archive of Meetings Minutes

Minutes of the Open Meeting held on 12 October 2015

Minutes of the Open Meeting held on 12 October 2015 at the Ruth Winston Centre

1.    A welcome and safety notice was given by Chris Kaufman, acting Chair

2.    Apologies were received from Jean Brewer, Sarah Cotton, Graham Deal, Elizabeth Dobbie

3.    Minutes of the  AGM of May 18

Were approved. These can be read on the website.

4.    Membership - potential members were urged to join and existing members advised to check renewal date. A list of members and renewals was available at the signing in desk.

5.    Parks Police/Safer Parks Unit

PCSOs Birsen Djelal 7152YE  and Megan Bronka 7253YE gave statistics for Broomfield Park from 12 July to 12 October. There wre 5 stops re smoking cannabis, 1 dog attack. The dog has been seized pending enquuiries.

It appears that stats are logged for 999 and 101 calls only. Emails and word of mouth reports are often not logged.This can lead to a confusing, under reporting of incidents. We should ring 101 and make a report rather than email. PCSOs work until 10pm. Council can be contacted on 08345 1139 from 08.00 - 22.00 but Birsen and Megan emphasised that the best route is to dial 101.

Action has been taken over rough sleepers in the park. The police move them on but offer no other assistance.

6. Updates

Positive feedback was reported on the successful Palmers Green Festival, the open-air screening of 'Ghostbusters' on the bowling green, The Proms in the Park - a new initiative in July organised by Karl Brown for the Friends (a big thankyou to Karl for this) .

These events provided a fantastic opportunity to promote the work of the Friends of Broomfield Park and also to increase our coffers by raising £305 which will be put back into the park.

The future of the Palmers Green Festival may be in doubt unless more volunteers step forward to help on the planning committee. Anyone interested should contact Phillip Chard on admin@palmersgreenfestival.org.uk   The meeting took the opportunity to thank Phillip and his team of volunteers for their dedication and for bringing such  a fantastic event to Palmers Green and Broomfield Park.

The Conservatory reported 3902 visitors last year and it raised an income of £1400+ for plantings etc. The railings have been installed and enhance the area significantly. Once again, the Conservatory was successful in Enfield in Bloom, this year gaining a Silver award. One more event is scheduled this year for 15 November - a houseplant sale. the conservatory has a team of 30 + volunteers, several of whom have completed more than 100 hours volunteering in the past 12 months.

The Orchard achieved a Gold award in Enfield in Bloom and it also has a bank of dedicated volunteers, several contributing more than 100 hours last year. Two further events this year are Apple day on 18 October and the North London Pumpkin festival on 1 November.  

The Apiary produced 100lb of honey this year and has 4 vigorous colonies.

Wildlife pond and growing space This initiative requires £10k to dig the pond and currently funding stands at £5k. An application for further funding has been made. The pond must be dug professionally and will be surrounded by a fence to protect the area. Chestnut palimg from Forty Hall has been promised but has not, as yet, arrived. Anyone interested in helping should email the Orchard team at broomfieldcommunityorchard@gmail.com

The park now has two wildflower meadows, both have been successful and well received by visitors to the park. The intention is to repeat the sowing for the coming year, with the addition of more poppies.

Garden of Remembrance - a decision is still awaited from the War Memorial Trust  re.necessary repairs.  The annual Memorial Service is being held on 11 November at 10.40am. The vicar of Christ Church Southgate will conduct the service which will be attended by the mayor of Enfield. Local schools will provide songs and readings and the Greenery cafe will provide wartime cakes.

The Greenery cafe has had a very successful year. its team of volunteers also includes several who have completed 100+ hours of volunteering over the past year. Thanks were given to the team for their donations to other areas of the park from their profits.

Bird Board -this information and history board has been installed between the bottom two lakes. Thanks were given to Graham Deal, Public Realm Information Officer, Enfield for positioning and erecting the board and to Sue Younger for designing and writing the information.

Broomfield House consultation

Phase 1 of the public consultation was launched at the Palmers Green Festival. The consultation runs until 30th November and can be found at www.enfield.gov.uk/broomfield_consultation The site includes the key findings of the draft Conservation Management Plan (this is pending the amendment of the CMP following feedback from the Trust and Historic England, which is programmed for completion by Christmas). LBE are also promoting the consultation on the Council's Facebook and Twitter accounts. It's important to read these key findings.

The Trust is not happy with the reliance on on-line consultation, but LBE is pressing hard with a "digital engagement" programme across all its business, and is reluctant to use hard copy questionnaires which need data inputting by council staff. We also feel that the limited options and lack of a free comment section do not allow residents to register their own ideas about the future of the House and Park. However, Trust members have been encouraged by ideas generated by the consultants on ways ahead. It remains to be seen how these will be reflected in Phase 2.

An LBE consultation event will take place at Morrison's, Palmers Green on 30th October and 12th November 2015. In addition there are posters advertising the consultation in the borough's parks and flyers in all the libraries, as well as flyers circulating in the local area too. The Trust has moved the 1950 model of Broomfield House to the Palmers Green Library. When we displayed it in Scrivens' and Multiyork's windows it was very successful in generating interest.

The Phase 2 consultation will begin in early 2016. It will include reporting back from Phase 1 and consultation on the emergent options 'short list'. This is a process recommended by Historic England which we hope will lead to a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund. As ever, any suggestions of how major funding support might be attracted would be welcome.

Section 106 funding -the committee was consulted on a scheme to provide additional equipment of a natural nature for the children's playground more than 2 years ago. This item is still pending and has been referred to Cllr Daniel Anderson.

Forthcoming events

Karl Brown gave the background to Palmers Scream, a new concept for Halloween - 'treats without the tricks'. This is a family event to be held in the park on Saturday 31 October from 5.30 - 7.00pm. It will provide an opportunity for the community to come together. Event details can be found on www.palmersscream.uk.  Thanks were given to Karl Brown and David Williamson with their team of friends and volunteers for devising and putting on this event.

7. Photographic Competition  

343 entries were received and the winners were:

Under 16s - Daniel Small

Adult   - Stephen Iliffe

The competition will be reviewed and may be extended to add other categories. Thanks were given to David Abrahams and Basil Clarke for organising the event.

8. Questions from the floor

These were taken where  appropriate throughout the meeting.

Date of the next Open Meeting

8 February 2016

The chair thanked everyone for attending and for their input.
 Meeting closed at 9.15pm

Friends of Broomfield Park have achieved the GOLD standard in accordance with the Friends Agreement for 2014/15
Certificate received in August 2015