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20 September 2018

Another Gold award for the Friends!

enfield in bloom broomfield conservatoryYet another Gold award for Broomfield Conservatory

The Friends of Broomfield Park are celebrating their latest Gold award from Enfield in Bloom.  This year Broomfield Conservatory was awarded Gold in the Exceptional Horticultural Contribution to the Community - Small Displays category.

Two other park features created and maintained by the Friends also won awards.  Silver for Broomfield Community Orchard in the Exceptional Horticultural Contribution to the Community - Large Displays category and Silver for the Broomfield Park Wildlife Pond in the Best Environmental and Wildlife Garden category.

enfield in bloom broomfield community orchardA Silver award for the Community Orchard

 enfield in bloom broomfield park wildlife pondThe Wildlife Pond was entered in the competition for the first time this year

To see photographs of all the many Enfield in Bloom winners visit

1 September 2018

Draft amended FoBP Constitution

A draft of the amended Constitution, for adoption at the Annual General Meeting on 1st October, is now available:

The agreement between Enfield Council and the various Friends of Parks groups can also be downloaded:

12 July 2018

Friends call for better consultation about events in Broomfield Park

FoBP co-chairs Kim Lumley and Chris Kaufman have written to Councillor Guney Dogan, the cabinet member for the environment, expressing disappointment about not being invited to the recent meeting between the council and "4 Not 24" campaigners and more generally communicating their unhappiness about lack of consultation and about Broomfield Park's status since 2016 as "suitable for all events, including large-scale events", ie those with attendances in excess of 5000 persons a day. Read more on Palmers Green Community.

24 May 2018

Report on Friends of Broomfield Park Open Meeting held on Monday 21st May 2018

The Open Meeting went ahead at Ruth Winston Centre on Monday evening.  The AGM was postponed until the autumn, as there were doubts raised that members had been correctly notified about the meeting.  It was agreed that the present committee should continue until the AGM.

David March gave an update on the Orchard and related projects.  There had been a problem with vandalism, mainly arson attacks but some of the trees had been broken.  These have since been replaced. Five volunteers from Enfield Mencap work with David one afternoon a week and he has students on the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.  However, he always needs more volunteers especially as the orchard team have expanded their interest in the park. 

The new growing space is progressing well. It is hoped to build more raised beds. 

The wildlife pond is flourishing with the marginal plants coming into flower.  Dragonflies, newts and tadpoles have been seen in and around the pond. A fence has been erected to protect the pond from dogs and make it safer for small children.  The pond can be accessed by gates.   In the long term there will be information boards. Whips were donated by the Woodland Trust and planted along the border of Alderman’s Hill.  Some of those planted in previous years are starting to become established now.

The Bowls Clubhouse adjacent to the Orchard has subsidence.  The Council have appointed contractors.  There will be no access to the main part of the building while work is being carried out. David hopes to meet with the contractors.  Some of the equipment has been moved into another part of the building.

The Summer Picnic in the Orchard will be held on 1st July.

Ivor Evans reported on problems with the wild-flower meadows.  Thistles are proving to be a particular problem despite efforts of volunteers to remove them.  Part of the problem is that the soil is too rich.  The long term solution would be to remove a top layer and replace with low fertility soil on top of a membrane.  Then plant up with wild flower seeds.  On the plus side the wild flowers in the Orchard are looking lovely as they have optimum conditions.

Elizabeth Dobbie reported on the Conservatory.  Work is ongoing to carry out major repairs and repainting.  Rotten woodwork has been replaced and a new door supplied.  Painting has been completed on the exterior and is now going ahead on the interior.  This means the Conservatory has to be closed to the public until about mid-June.  Volunteers who have undergone the Health and Safety induction still have access to tend to the plants on a daily basis.  Once work is completed there will be some replanting to be done.  Councillor Barry was very helpful in our dealings with the council.  Once the works have been completed there will be an event to thank her and the Council for their support.

Collin Younger reported on Broomfield House.  The Broomfield House AGM is on 5th June at 7.30pm in the Ruth Winston Centre. One of their priorities is to appoint a new treasurer.  The Council is asking for expressions of interest for the House and the Stable Yard.  The Trust would like to ensure community access but this is no way guaranteed.  It would be lovely if some visionary developer came forward and saved the day.  What is looking increasingly likely is that there will be no interest and the Council can then apply for consent to demolish a listed building. 

There will be an exhibition about Broomfield House and Park at the Dugdale Centre from 28th July. The central feature will be a restored panel from the Lanscroon mural which was in the House.

Sue Younger reported on the Remembrance Garden.  The water fountain has been replaced and this means that the project is now complete.  Work needs to be done to replace plants.  It is hoped that the garden will be kept open to the public during park opening times.

Work will start on the Wetlands in the summer.  There is, however, money to improve water quality in the existing lakes.  Reed beds will be planted in the two of the lakes.  Volunteers will be needed to help with this project.  Date and Time will be advertised.

A Home Schooling Group has been in touch with the Friends.  They are keen to become involved in the park.  They will work in conjunction with an organisation called Clean-up. 

The park has been categorised as a Large Park.  This means that there will be more events held in the park.  So far, the events suggested have not been held. The first event will be the Gin Festival on 30th June/1st July.  The Council do not need to consult the Friends unless there will be more than 5,000 visitors in the park for anyone session.  The Friends would like to be more involved.  It was suggested that the Friends supply the Council with constructive feedback following an event. 

The Royal College of Arts Students have finished their initial project in the park.  Some of the Friends had been to a presentation.  The students will be feeding back to the Council.  If there is any interest the project would continue.  One idea was to involve children in a digital park trail.

The ‘Fish and Chip’ van has been discussed with Council Officers.  There are two main objections to the van.  The first being that it is run on diesel and fumes are being discharged right next to the children’s playground.  This could be remedied if it was powered by electricity.  The other objection is that it does not fit with the Council’s healthy eating policy.  Enfield has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity and this van does not offer healthy options.  Response from the Council has not been helpful.  Anyone concerned should contact the Council to complain.

The date and time of the next Open Meeting and AGM will be advised.



21 April 2018

Repairs to Broomfield Conservatory

Repair work on Broomfield Conservatory is currently under way and the Conservatory is open only on Sundays.  However, from 20th May it will be closed on Sundays also until further notice.

We hope to re-open in mid-June.

Geraldine Anwar
Secretary of the Conservatory Group
Friends of Broomfield Park

8 February 2018

January 2018 update on Friends' projects

strelitzia in broomfield conservatory"At the moment the strelitzia are performing well in the Conservatory"


A group has been set up with the aim of improving the playground. Their project was allocated money from the Greenery surplus fund. Unfortunately, this did not meet the Council's strict criteria and they are now working with the Council to come up with a proposal that will be acceptable to all parties.

Remembrance Garden

The Remembrance garden received a grant in 2017 to carry out refurbishment. In addition new stained glass windows, modelled on the originals, have been installed. Disabled access has been improved. The fountain has been replaced but will only operate on special occasions. The garden was rededicated at the Remembrance Day Service. Unfortunately, there has been some minor acts of vandalism in the gardens in recent weeks.

Palmers Greenery Café

They continue to do a great job serving park users and raising money for the park. Money has been allocated from their Surplus Fund. The Council has not approved the projects so money has yet to be spent. A meeting with Councillor Daniel Anderson is planned. It would be lovely if the café could be open more days a week but the limiting factor is number of volunteers.

Broomfield House

Broomfield House has reached a critical stage. Lottery funding is not an option as it would be limited to £1 million. The Council is about to market the house and stable yard to developers for expressions of interest. Ideally, there would be maximum public access. There is no preferred option at this stage. The good news is that the Enfield Society have given a grant to restore the Minerva Panel from the Lanscroon mural. The Council Arts Department will be holding an exhibition at the Dugdale Centre which will feature the Minerva Panel.


The Wassailing was well attended and raised funds towards replacing trees which have been vandalised.

The loss of so many of the step-over trees plus a pear tree is very sad.

The Orchard has a loyal band of supporters and won Gold in the Enfield in Bloom competition again in 2017.


The Conservatory also won Gold in Enfield in Bloom in what was a very successful year.

Events are being planned for 2018 and the programme will be published (see noticeboards).

The Conservatory has year-round interest. At the moment the Strelitzia are performing well and flowers and fruit are forming on the Pink Banana.

It is hoped that essential maintenance work will be carried out on the Conservatory this spring. There has been a meeting with the contractors and the volunteers await the Council's decision. Thanks to Councillor Barry who has helped us progress these works.


The courts have been resurfaced. The demand for netball is growing in all age groups. The plan is for completely new courts to provide a long term future for netball in Broomfield Park. The council need to support this application otherwise netball could be lost to Enfield. Installation of floodlights would increase the usage of the courts for netball and possibly tennis.

Royal College of Art

Masters students from the Royal College of Art will be carrying out one of their modules in association with Friends of Broomfield Park. It is part of a Service Design Programme and is looking at social innovation. You may see them out and about in the next few months.


The council no longer provides bedding plants for parks - only memorial gardens.

The new trees in the long avenue that died have been replaced.

There is ongoing subsidence of the clubhouse. FoBP will obtain a report from Council before next meeting to clarify what action is being taken.

Lorries are driving into the park down the long avenue causing deep ruts. When in the park they cut corners and churn up the grass. Everyone is asked to complain to the council.

Boating lake still needs work. It is unfit for the purpose of sailing model boats. FoBP will attempt to get clarification on management of the Boating Lake.

The next meeting will be on Monday 21st May and it was agreed, if possible, to hold it in the club house in Broomfield Park.

4 February 2018

Restoration of the Remembrance Garden in Broomfield Park

broomfield park remembrance garden councillorsBambos Charalambous MP, Deputy Mayor of Enfield and local councillors and representatives from WMT, Mitre Construction and organisers from Friends of Broomfield Park

The Garden of Remembrance in Broomfield Park which was opened in 1929 and contains a memorial temple dedicated to those who died in the first and second world wars has been extensively restored. The Friends of Broomfield Park would like to thank the War Memorials Trust which provided a generous grant that funded the restoration work.

The work was carried out during the last 6 months of 2017 and covered the following areas:

  • Repairs to the roof of the memorial temple to make it watertight.
  • Relaying the paved area and steps in front of the memorial temple.
  • Installation of three new stained glass windows replicating the original design
  • Repairs to the cairn of stones (each stone representing a life lost in World War 1)
  • Repairs to the pond and installation of a new plinth, bowl and fountain.
  • A new bird bath (replicating the original design) for the empty plinth.
  • Repointing and replacement of bricks in the surrounding walls of the Garden.
  • Provision of hand rails for the disabled next to the steps in the Garden.

Most of the work was completed in time for the Friends’ annual Remembrance Service which was held on November 10th, led by Rev. Chrichton Limbert, vicar of Christ Church, and addressed by Bambos Chraralambous, MP for Southgate, and  Cllr Doris Jiagge, the Deputy Mayor of Enfield and attended by local schools.

The Stained Glass windows

The original stained glass windows had been missing for several years and been filled in with three red metal panels. The design of the new windows was based on original photos taken from a film about Broomfield Park in the 1950s. The windows were originally designed to represent Fortitude (LHS), Sacrifice (M), and Victory (RHS). The inscription above the windows states ‘’At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them’’ ( from Laurence Binyon’s poem, ‘For the Fallen’).

broomfield park remembrance garden restored stained glass

broomfield park remembrance garden - restored cairn

broomfield park remembrance garden overall view

broomfield park remembrance garden restored cairn

14 January 2018

Conservatory volunteers celebrate another successful year

broomfield conservatory volunteers january 2018Conservatory volunteers enjoy some rare January sun while celebrating another successful year

It has been another good year for the conservatory in Broomfield Park. Our team of volunteers, pictured above, welcomed over 7,000 visitors in 2017, an increase on 2016. We held various well attended events throughout the year including workshops on planting a turf head, sketching, jewellery making, cuttings and looking after orchids. Marc Harris provided live guitar music and vocals and of course we ran several fund raising plant sales.

Of particular interest this year were the different sizes and shapes of gourd, the revamped carnivorous plant collection and our pink banana flowered for the first time. Our efforts were recognised by Enfield in Bloom with a gold award - the cup features in the picture.

Despite the cold damp weather outside there is a lot in bloom now in the conservatory including the colourful ‘bird of paradise’. So come and see us Wednesday or Sunday afternoon 2-4 pm and watch out for our 2018 programme of events.

18 October 2017

2017 photo competition results announced

At their Open Meeting on 16th October the Friends of Broomfield Park presented prizes to winners of the 2017 Photo Competition.

The winning photographs were selected by inviting visitors to Broomfield Conservatory to vote for the favourite photos out of a shortlist of twelve entries on display.  Members of the FoBP committee whittled down the 141 entries submitted this year to create the shortlist.

The winning photograph in the Adult category was submitted by Phil Mariutto, who was unfortunately unable to attend the prizegiving.

2017_photocompetition_entry_122_by_phil_mariutto.jpgPhil Mariutto won first prize for this photograph (click on photo to enlarge)

The winner of the under 16s category was at the meeting to receive her prize.   Edith Mullen, aged 9, entered a photograph of a bee collecting pollen.

Photograph by Edith Mullen aged 9Prize-winning photograph by Edith Mullen aged 9 (click on photo to enlarge)

The second prize in the adult category went to Caroline Stone, who also submitted the third most popular entry.

Second prize photograph by Caroline StoneSecond prize photograph by Caroline Stone (click on photo to enlarge)

Third prize photo by Caroline StoneAnother photograph by Caroline Stone came third in the adult category
(click on photo to enlarge)

You can see printouts of the twelve shortlisted photographs in Broomfield Conservatory for the next couple of weeks and all 141 entries on the Friends of Broomfield Park photo gallery.

10 October 2017

Help bring Minerva to life!

Broomfield House is a beautiful Grade II* listed 16th century building, the centrepiece of Broomfield Park in Palmers Green. It was badly damaged by fire some 20 years ago. It remains held up by scaffolding and awaits restoration. This is now a matter of urgency.

Some of the most notable historical features of the house include the Baroque murals painted by the Flemish artist Gerard Lanscroon in 1726. Lanscroon was one of the leading mural painters in his time. He also worked on murals at Windsor Palace, Hampton Court, Powis Castle and at Arnos Grove.

fragment of broomfield house muralMinerva's face revealed by trial removal of protective coating

The murals were salvaged and are now stored in pieces. The Broomfield House Trust wishes to fund a restoration of parts of the murals and mount an exhibition at the Dugdale Centre in 2018, where visitors will enjoy a glimpse of these beautiful works of art and learn more about the history of Broomfield House and the Park.

We hope the exhibition will help to ignite further interest in Broomfield House and our aim of raising funds to restore it as a heritage and learning centre for the community.


lanscroon mural restorers arte conservationTom Organ, Matt Organ and Rita Radovanovich of Arte Conservation with the packing cases where the mural remains are stored

***Arte Conservation has been working on the mural to test the removal of protective material. Our image shows the head of Minerva, the Roman goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom and the arts – seeing the light for the first time in over 30 years. Broomfield House Trust would use the £10,000 funds raised to fully restore this section of the mural dedicated to Minerva to its former glory.***

3 August 2017

Palmers Green Tales visits the Broomfield Community Orchard

Jenny Bourke's latest film on Palmers Green Tales tells the story of Broomfield Community Orchard.  Film footage and still photographs show the evolution of the former bowling green, which is now home to apple and pear trees, wild flowers and a bug hotel, and a venue for an annual round of pagan-derived events.

3 August 2017

Details of the proposed Broomfield Park Wetlands

Enfield Council and Thames 21 have now published their proposals for a wetlands scheme in Broomfield Park, designed to produce environmental benefits both locally and in the rivers Lea and Thames. There will be a consultation event in the park on 12th August or you can give your views online or by post.

map of broomfield park wetlands

Read more on the Palmers Green Community website.

5 July 2017

Bee keeping in Broomfield Community Orchard

Jenny Bourke and Susan Mehmet of Palmers Green Tales have been filming the bee keepers in the Community Orchard.

13 June 2017

Watch a video about volunteering in Broomfield Conservatory

The latest Palmers Green Tales video looks at the work of volunteers in Broomfield Conservatory. Watch the video on YouTube.

11 June 2017

Got an idea that will improve Brooomfield Park? Apply for funding from the Broomfield Park Micro Fund

The funding available is the profit generated by volunteers who run the Palmers Greenery Community Café in Broomfield Park. Grants of up to £1,000 are available to any group or individual seeking to enhance Broomfield Park and the park environment for the community.

Each application for funding will be considered without prejudice and on its own merit, whilst simultaneously taking a ‘whole park’ view to ensure investment is compatible with existing and planned park projects and activity.

All applications are reviewed and approved by an independent Allocation Committee composed of relevant park stakeholders and NOT the Palmers Greenery team.


Click here for the application form

10 June 2017

2017 FoBP Photo Competition

The 2017 Friends of Broomfield Park Photo Competition has been announced. The deadline for entries is 15 August 2017. For full details see the Photo Competition Page.

10 June 2017

Reports on May 2017 AGM and Open Meeting

Click on the links to read the Committee's Report to the 2017 Annual General Meeting and the minutes of the 2017 AGM and the Open Meeting held on 15 May 2017.

1 June 2017

A wetlands scheme for Broomfield Park?

Members of the public are being invited to comment on a proposal for Broomfield Park to be the site of the next "rainscape" scheme to be created in Enfield.

The proposals for the Broomfield Park Wetlands Scheme are being developed by the environmental charity Thames21 in conjunction with Enfield Council. Wetlands, rainscapes and sustainable drainage systems have already been created at several sites in the borough, most notably at Firs Farm, on the Palmers Green/Winchmore Hill/Edmonton borders, where the Wetlands are not only alleviating flood risks, reducing pollution of rivers and increasing local biodiversity, but have created a beautiful new recreational area on the doorstep of hundreds of houses and flats.

broomfield park wetland concept

Read more on the Palmers Green Community website.

19 February 2017

War Memorial Trust to help finance restoration of Broomfield Park Remembrance Garden

broomfield remembrance garden temple nov 2016

The Remembrance Garden Temple

A campaign by the Friends of Broomfield Park to restore the Park's Remembrance Garden has finally succeeded.  Enfield Council notified the Friends this week that the War Memorial Trust has agreed to a grant of £63,270 to the Council.  This represents 75 per cent of the total cost - the remainder will be paid for the the Council

  1. War Memorial Temple - roof repairs and new stained glass windows replicating the original design.

  2. Memorial cairn - repair of damaged stones

  3. Terrace paving - repair and replacement of paved areas and steps in front of the Memorial.

  4. Pond and fountain - repair of damaged plinth and new urn with working fountain.

  5. Bird bath - Levelling the base and new stone bath installed

  6. Pergola - replacement of rotten timbers.

  7. Entrance archways and walls - repairs to brickwork 8. Handrails installed for disabled access (by the steps under the pergola and at the Broomfield Lane entrance)

Work is expected to begin in April.

According to Friends committee member Sue Younger, who has been leading the efforts to restore this highly individual remembrance garden, the good news comes after nearly three years of campaigning.  She says that "The moral is, if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again."

Broomfield Remembrance Garden in 1930s

The pond and fountain as they looked in the 1930s

Broomfield Remembrance Garden pond Feb 2017

The pond in its present condition

19 November 2016

Yes we have some bananas!

bananas in broomfield conservatory november 2016The banana plant in Broomfield Conservatory has had a big bunch of fruit hanging from it for several months.  The bananas have grown steadily larger, but stayed green, until a week or two ago.  Now they are begining to ripen, as you can see from this photo.

So get round to the Conservatory while they're still there!

12 November 2016

Remembrance Day Service

remembrance day 2016 2

The Friends of Broomfield Park’s annual service of remembrance for those who died in the two world wars and subsequent conflicts was held in the Garden of Remembrance in Broomfield Park on Friday, November 11. It was led by Rev. Chrichton Limbert, vicar of Christ Church, Southgate and was attended by Christine Hamilton, Deputy Mayor of Enfield, David Burrowes, MP for Southgate, Doug Taylor, Leader of the Council, Terry Neville, Leader of the Opposition,  local councillors, representatives of the Southgate branch of the British Legion and over 150 local people.

remembrance day 2016 1Lora Chenova from Bowes School and Alex Elliot from Broomfield school read out well known poems from World War 1. Another pupil from Broomfield school, Elena Stoian, read out a poem that she had specially written for Remembrance Day. Chris Kaufman from the Friends read out a more recent poem written by an ex-soldier after a visit to the war graves in Flanders. Tony Elliott of the Friends and Fred Burton from Hazelwood School read an extract from Laurence Binyon’s poem “The Fallen”.

After the two minutes silence at 11.00am and the sounding of the Last Post by the bugler, Brian Rose, wreaths were laid at the cairn in front of the war memorial. The wreath laying was led by the Deputy Mayor of Enfield, followed by our Southgate MP, the British Legion, the Friends of Broomfield Park and pupils from the local schools.

The service ended with a medley of songs from WW I expertly sung by year 6 pupils from Hazelwood school led and accompanied by their music teacher, Cathy Halpern.
The contribution of the pupils from all the local schools was greatly appreciated by all those present.

remembrance day 2016 3

After the service visitors were able to sample the 'wartime' cakes available in the Greenery café in the park and sit outside on a beautiful sunny morning.

See more photographs

11 October 2016

Winners of the 2016 Photo Competition

The winner in the Adult category was Munise Cebesi for entry No 47

Photograph by Munise Cebeci

The winner in the Under 16 category was Alize Akturk for a photograph entitled Perspective

Perspective by Alize Akturk

Runners up in the adult category were David Sumeray (entry No 13) and Sandra Roberts (entry No 29.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered the competition or who cast their vote for the best photographs.

You can see a slide show of all the entries in our Photo Competition 2016 Gallery.

8 October 2016

Enfield in Bloom: Gold and Silver for Broomfield Park

Broomfield Park has had another triumphant year in the Enfield in Bloom competition, winning Gold for Best Maintained Park.  Another Gold went to Broomfield Conservatory for its Exceptional Horticultural Contribution to the Community, while Broomfield Community Orchard was awarded Silver in the same category.

Enfield in Bloom 2016 winners

Best Maintained Park
Gold: Broomfield
Gold: Bury Lodge
Silver: Enfield Town
Bronze: Forty Hall Park
Bronze: Grovelands

Best Highway/Open Space Planting
Gold: Edmonton Cemetery
Gold: Firs Farm Wetlands
Silver: Lavender Hill Cemetery
Bronze: Pymmes Park Wetlands

Exceptional Horticultural Contribution for the Local Community
Gold: Broomfield Park Conservatory
Gold: Forty Hall, Walled Garden
Silver: Broomfield Community Orchard
Silver: Ms Sue Povey, for Millfield House Gardens
Silver: Forty Hill & Bulls Cross Study Group Garden
Bronze: Mrs Ann Wadman, for Charlton Road Alleyway

28 September 2016

Save our Parks campaign

The campaigning organisation 38 Degrees is running a campaign to persuade the House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee to recommend that protecting Britain's public parks be made a legal requirement. Read more.

21 July 2016

Broomfield Park gets the green flag but says goodbye to two good friends

james downing and graham deal with green flag award for broomfield park

James Downing (left) and Graham Deal display the Green Flag newly awarded to Broomfield Park

At a special cream tea held in the shade of trees by the boating pond, Friends of Broomfield Park yesterday said goodbye to two good friends who arrived carrying a special green flag.

The cream tea was served by the Greenery Community Cafe, the two good friends were James Downing and Graham Deal, both employees of Enfield Council, and the green flag was the official emblem of the Green Flag Award, which has been bestowed on Broomfield Park for the first time this year.

The Green Flag Award® scheme is the benchmark national standard for parks and green spaces in the UK.  That Broomfield Park has been awarded Green Flag status at its first attempt is a tribute to James and Graham, to the gardeners employed by the council and to the work of the Friends of Broomfield Park, whose volunteers have helped devise and implement improvements and raise some of the necessary funds.

Why goodbye?  Because the Public Realm Information Officer posts held by James and Graham are both being discontinued as a consequence of council cost cutting.  However, both of them will continue to be employed by the council, in different posts.

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