Looking across one of the lakes in Broomfield Park near to the Powys Lane side of the park
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Broomfield Park: Features

Coronation Gates

The gates were installed in 1953 to commemorate the Coronation and the 50th Anniversary of the purchase of the Park by the council. Four medallions bear the arms of the former Southgate Borough and the motto "Ex Glande Quercus" ("From the Acorn, the Oak").

Sports Field

This sunken area was dug out as a gravel pit in the 18th and 19th centuries to enable the upgrade of Green Lanes from a grass track into a road usable by wagons and carriages. By 1905 it had been levelled and grassed. During World War II it was ploughed up and used to grow potatoes.

Historic Walls

These listed walls, enclosing the 6 acre ornamental garden, date back in parts to the time of Henry VII and elsewhere to the 17th and 18th century.

Brick archway over the main entrance

This dates probably from the late 16th century and was expanded in the early 18th century. The eleven strong iron hooks just below the canopy were probably used to hang venison from the (royal?) hunts.

Sensory Garden

This is designed for the visually impaired. The ornamental shrubs and herbs were chosen for their distinct aromas and touches.

Garden of Remembrance

Opened by Earl Jellicoe in 1929, it centres on a memorial cairn, originally constructed of 280 stones but later extended. The garden includes a pond, ornamental pergola and seats made from timber from HMS Dido. Information about the remembrance garden is included in the Imperial War Museum War Memorials Archive.

"Baroque Water Garden"

The three lakes in front of the House date from the 16th Century or earlier and were originally fish ponds. In the early 18th century they probably became the centre of a Baroque water garden. Between 1903 and 1933 the lower lake was used for swimming and bathing.


The bandstand was built in 1927 and in the past was used by local brass bands. It is still in use today.

The Long Bed

This herbaceous border runs inside the west wall of the ornamental garden and contains perennial flowering plants and rose beds. At nearly 200 metres, it is one of the longest in London.


Built in 1934, the Conservatory was recently restored and replanted. It is now looked after by a group of volunteers and is open on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons.

Dipali Memorial Garden

The garden and adjoining multi-use games area were constructed partly using funds collected from the local community and commemorate the five members of the Miah family who died in a fire in their flat above the Dipali restaurant in Alderman's Hill in 1997.

Community Orchard

A completely new orchard set up in 2009 on the site of a disused bowling green and managed by a group of volunteers.

Model Boating Pond

The model boating pond was dug in 1903, shortly after the opening of the Park. It is used by the Broomfield Model Boat Club.