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Grants of up to £1,000 are available to any group or individual seeking to enhance Broomfield Park and the park environment for the community.

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We are open, so find out more about us!

After a three year journey, the Palmers Greenery is finally open Wednesdays and Weekends (10am- 3pm) and we are very excited about the benefit a Community Cafe can bring to Broomfield Park. Here is a little bit more information about the project:

We want to be the model of future Enfield park cafés; a successful community partnership that enriches our beautiful park.

We aim to transform this forgotten building into a hub where good things happen - and are eaten!

We are passionate about the things that really make the Palmers Greenery unique - the stuff that's better for your body, wallet and soul:

  • Our menu is based on our thinking that a park cafe doesn't have to serve fast or junk food. We like cake and crisps but we also like salad and fruit - so we want to offer good quality, often locally-sourced, seasonal and home-made food
  • It is very important to us that we balance the quality of our food with a fair price. As a social enterprise, our profit is directly reinvested back into Broomfield Park
  • We are powered by volunteers and cannot open without time, skills and energy contributed for free, so please be respectful
  • If you want us to open more days - then let us know and let us know if you can help make that happen
  • We care about our park and the wider environment. That's why we use local suppliers and food sources as far as possible. We also feel very strongly about litter and waste so will compost food waste, take-out cups and napkins (which are all bio-degradable)
We are ambitious for this project - it has the potential to be so much more than a park cafe. We want to bring old and young together, reach out to vulnerable groups and provide a platform for local people to gain valuable skills and work experience.

Press cutting from local paper with photo of Palmers Greenery team standing near proposed site

Palmers Greenery Community Café

Palmers Greenery Logo

Open Wednesdays and Weekends
10am - 3.30pm

The Palmers Greenery is run entirely by volunteers and we want you to get involved! If you have time or skills to contribute please fill in our survey.

Artist's impression of the proposed Community Café Palmers Greenery Community Cafe

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