Ceramic mosaic nameplate outside the orchard, reading The Broomfield Community Orchard is a new orchard created by local people working in partnership with the LB Enfield in Broomfield Park. Located next to the bowling green off Aldermans Hill, the orchard is on a level area that had been unused for over 15 years and has many wild flowers. It had previously been a bowling green.

December 2009 - inauguration of the Community Orchard

At the inauguration of the Orchard on the 5th December 2009 Cllr Edward Smith planted a tree to celebrate the event. The planting of the Orchard formed part of the national ‘Tree O’Clock’ event, at which over half a million trees were planted throughout the UK.

The fruit trees

The Orchard is laid out with two diagonal avenues of apple trees and espaliers along the sides. It is hoped that it will become a beautiful and peaceful place to be; fruit trees in an area with wild flowers; adding to the bio-diversity of this historic park. The fruit will be available to local people, schools and community groups, expanding the borough’s capacity to grow more produce locally.

There are 70 fruit trees in the orchard, along with 50 hawthorn ‘whips’ planted to create a new hedge with the adjoining bowling green. There are 28 different varieties of Apple, one variety of Peach, two varieties of Quince, and one variety of Medlar, Mulberry and Pear. For more details, see the Planting Plan and Tree List.

Broomfield Community Orchard

Composite of several photos of the Orchard taken in April 2011   The Orchard in November 2012